women evening gowns

? SuperROE Squares ?

? It doesn't matter what team you want to win the Superbowl, we can ALL have fun and with LuLaRoe! ?

?️ $25+tax a square
-This gets you a brand new pair of mystery leggings straight from the warehouse (I'll be placing the order following the game--could even be a SOLID BLACK pair). You choose your square. women evening gowns

? 1st Quarter Winner: Cassie Skirt
? 2nd Quarter Winner: Irma Tunic
? 3rd Quarter Winner: Nicole Dress
? 4th Quarter Winner: Item of Choice

The Numbers for the "Gray Squares" will be drawn on the morning of game day (or once the board is full) and posted for everyone to see on my VIP page.

If the board doesn't fill up, we will just play with those that participate (there is a chance that prizes may be unclaimed).