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"We shall take over the state...2019 is our final battle with is either we win this battle or we go back home and rest (retire)..."

- Voices and Echoes of Reason.

I love telling stories with grand moral lessons. Some say I am adept at it but I disagree. I am no adept. I am just an ordinary young man doing what he loves. Anyway, I love telling stories that teach the essence of existence and the mistakes we make that expose us to unpleasant experiences.

Before my tale, allow me a space to eulogize my Leader a little.

The day was Saturday the 13th of January 2018, the venue was Ikwerre Youth Movement International Secretariat, Isiokpo and the Leader of my great party was addressing a mammoth crowd of party faithfuls.

My great Leader, the Lion of the Niger Delta has over the years earned my following as the rare leader he is. Even if I happen to be a gentleman adventurer, I find myself uncontrollably attracted to him. Given another opportunity to vote, the Great Leader should count on me. But the law we operate makes it practically impossible for my Leader to run for the office of the governor of Rivers State gain. My thinking is that the law is unfair but as a law abiding citizen, I have to live on its unfairness.

The reality is that others other than my Leader have to aspire to uphold and consolidate his gains and even expand. The thinking of my Leader and his body language require that I wait until ONE is ANOINTED. Anything contrary is insubordination and betrayal.

That is the crux of the matter. Me, a loyal party man is now punished disappropriate to my 'crime' of expressing my freedom of thoughts, conscience and belief. The belief and conscience of choices to make and the ability to dream and aspire.

That was my crime and my people keep on threatening that I will suffer for this DISOBEDIENCE to leadership. I weep. I weep for ignorance. I weep for followership that is now synonymous with slavery in a free country like us. I love my Leader and I still want to follow his leadership but where is the dignity of my human person when I cannot make choices...

That day I dressed up typical of my Ikwerre culture; I wanted to attend the event and see my role model in leadership, the Lion Himself. I wanted to strategically position myself to enable my eyes meet his to benefit once more from him and of assurances that all will be well in Rivers State again. But on a second thought, after due consultations with the inner recesses of my being, I stayed back. My reason is not far fetched. My party is swimming in a sea of snakes and some of us that have the stout hearts to express our feeling are now " Betrayals and Saboteurs." If I had attended that occasion, I would have been mobbed. Things have gotten that bad in my beloved party. The fastest growing party in Africa...

To avoid rotting away in boredom, I honoured another invite and found myself same day in a group, in the midst of young men and women with great aspirations to excel in life and the group is called "KAIROS MAS- the time is now Philosophers." Apart from being fellow BELIEVERS, I share so many traits in common with its members.

Some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up does grieve. You and I know that the name, Magnus Ngei Abe is fast assuming a phenomenal status and his supporters have expanded it into a brand beyond APC raking in more sympathizers to his cause on daily basis. Fighting an idea that has come to stay is no wisdom. Leadership of the party should encourage rather than cross blades with Abe. Let us try to live in the now where the ghosts of old wrongs do not abide. Yes, I love my Leader, the Lion Himself but I am disinclined to acquiesce to his request to wait for the light when a Priceless Pearl shinning with unmistakable luminescence is here already able to light up the way for victory. Well, history has it that the Jews were still fasting, praying and hoping for a Messiah in front of Jesus.

The truth be told that Wike, with his bag of tricks and queer tactics, is no easy opponent. He has over time maneuvered seemingly hopeless situations to his advantage. At this state of dilemma, isn't it wise that the APC in the state presents a candidate that will outsmart Wike in 2019? Then get other personal issues resolved in powers. Give it to him, Wike is a force in political calculations able to spring surprises any day.

Beyond political parties, the standard bearer of a party has a lot to do as to his acceptability from the apolitical many and others sitting on fence watching the dancers to take a decision.

Let me now weave my story and hope you maximize every fibre of it.
There once lived a great Sage in far away country in the dim past when memories were not as cultivated as now. This Sage was a great man. And was loved by his people for his Wisdom and ingenuity. A certain day, three mischievous fellows out of envy for the rising profile of the Sage decided to play a fast one with the intent of demystifying his greatness and subject our hero to ridicule. The fellows set a snare and caught a game bird. Then they plotted to snare still.They would take the game bird to the Wise One. They would hold it in front of the Sage and ask, " Is this bird living or dead?" They were going to trap him. They were going to catch him in a wrong answer. If the Wise One said, " Why, the bird is living," the fellows intended to prepare the bird for the cooking pot right then and there. But if the Sage said, "Why, the bird is dead," they were going to take this live bird and throw it into the air and let it fly free and away. wedding gown for sale
So the fellows were doubly sure of themselves.

Finally, they arrived the Wise One's hut and posed their question, "Wise One, is this bird living or dead?" The Sage looked at them a long time, and then looked at the bird. After a long silence, he said, " The bird is in your hands "

I hope to get more interpretations to my story but as a party man, I do not want to rest or retire. Such retirement would leave me a shattered shell. I know it won't be a different song for others of my kind. I desire my party to win. I do not want this rare opportunity to be gambled away under the flimsy excuse of 'Loyalty and Disloyalty.'

And the sure way to take over Brick House come 2019 is to present a FORMIDABLE FORCE as the APC National beyond personal grievances did in 2015 in the person of Mohammadu Buhari. The mission is to occupy BRICK HOUSE. Anything else is secondary.

The Lion remains my Leader but Abe is my preferred governorship candidate.

And that bird is in our hands. The only harm that will come to it is that which we allow.

Igwe Amos Obialor (Esq), writes from Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State.