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I was meant to post this at 12 but I came in and fell straight to sleep sos

Hey!! I wanted to remind you that today is your birthday and that this birthday message took me 60 years to write but I suppose you're worth it.

We haven't been friends for as long as people think we have been friends but it feels like a lifetime and,honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. You're one of the main reasons i get out of bed in the mornign and one of the things that make me smile and you understand me in ways that nobody else ever could. You accept me just the way I am (bad fashion sense and all) we never really argue because we never take each other seriously anyway so we couldn't possibly ever fall out. You listen to my weird theories about vampires and Aliens because most of the time you agree with me. You allow me to have an opinion (even if you think it's ridiculous) You care for me as though I am your child (even if that does involve you kicking me in the leg FOR NO REASON)

We are both insane but I suppose that's why we work together. You aren't the brightest human but sometimes you will surprise me with your random knowledge. If I were ever to do a pub quiz I would definitely have you on my team because where I lack knowledge you seem to have it. I suppose we complete each other(cheesy I know).

I love it when you message me at random times during the day to tell me what you're doing. It always makes me feel involved even when we aren't together. I love it when you show up at my house in your dressing gown. I love how awful your spelling is but I always know what you mean. I love how you always tell me you're proud of me (even if it's just because I got out of bed). I love the fact that you have a great taste in TV shows (you're welcome) I love how you always know what I'm thinking. I love how we can communicate without actually saying anything. I love how we involve each other in everything whether that be a gig or our house plans for the future (even though we're both broke all the time) I love our cinema dates. I love the fact that everyone thinks we're in a relationship. I love your laugh. I love the fact that you only come to my house to see my pets. I love how my friends like you more than they like me. I love how we have the most random memories. I love how I can sense when you're rolling your eyes (even if we're on the phone) I love it when you call me FUEL. I love how we fight over fictional characters. I love how you listen to my movie and TV suggestions. I love how you give me advice and don't shout at me when I don't listen (but tag me in memes instead) I love it when your name pops up on my phone saying you've mentioned me in a comment. I love how you always bring up my red leggings. I love how you come to my shows and support me 100% of the time. I love how you will buy me food without me having to ask. I love how you will pay for my things for me when I don't want to go to the counter. I love how when I'm sad you will show up to my house (unannounced) simple plus size wedding dresses with sleeves

This list could go on and on but I suppose what I'm trying to say is I love the fact that you're my best friend. I couldn't imagine life without you and I'm glad I don't have to because I know I'm stuck with you forever. You mean everything to me and I love you so much.

My family loves you too and I mean ALL my family. They ask about you constantly even if you've just left my house they will ask how you are. We really do see you as another member of our confusing (but not as confusing as Henry's) family. We would do any thing for you and we always will.

Now, you didn't think I could write this whole thing without mentioning the most important part of our friendship would you?

I love you ALMOST as much as I love David (but you know he will always be top of the list) You're the Jace to my Alec and I wouldn't have it any other way so on your 600th birthday I want to wish you the best and I KNOW we will be best friends for another 600 years because I can't get rid of you no matter how hard I try. You're my parabatai and you always will be!!!

I love you, Beth ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?