short sleeves evening gowns

These are the common traits I have noticed in alot of women who are considered "beautiful" "babes" "very attractive" or " sexy

1.) They play on their image - as if their whole identity is based on them being a super attractive goddess - dressing in the most glamorous clothes - or skimpy outfits.

2.) Complain about all the attention they get off men. But complain loudly and proudly - to show off to everyone - that men everywhere find themselves so attractive.

3.) Tell most men to f off - or they are politely not interested.

4.) Wannabe Wags - only date high status - successful - rich men - or on a lower level - bodybuilders and bouncers.
Average blokes are told to f off - and come back when they are rich and famous.

5.) Get a job - that involves something to do with their looks.

6.) Only talk to you - if it serves their interest in someway - but otherwise just ignore you - and not even show common decent or manners.

Old grannys - who lost any attractivness years ago - are usually friendly and make conversation. How often does an attractive woman make friendly convesation out of nothing. They are more likely to ignore most men - cos they think most men sexually want them. short sleeves evening gowns

7.) Think they are entitled to things - above the normal person - pushing to the front of qeues and getting free drinks.

8.) Think being beautiful - is the only valuable thing - a person has above all other things - and look down on other people like a inferior species. Even if that other person was the man who invented the internet.

9.) Never respond to compliments - and say thanks - cos they recieve a million a day - and expect it and are use to it. Men are just there to maintain her ego - shes not thankful - just expects it.

10.) Respond very aggresively - if someone dare say anything negative about them - they expect nothing but being called a Goddess - but if you point out a negative thing about them - it rattles their ego - and they get narsssicitic rage.

Agree or disagree ?