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Episode 5-6
Subtitled : Marriage war
By Author Joy
Episode 5
It was Sunday, Danny dressed in blue suit with white inner wear while his wife wore a white gown with blue ribbon hooked at the upper part of the gown. She parked her hair with blue ribbon and wore a pair of white heels that makes her almost the same height with her husband.
"Honey you look perfect " he said
She blushed "same with you " she replied.
"I always wonder if you are a mermaid or a fairy" she placed her finger on his lips and pecked him.
They set to go to Ray's house. Rose and Alex wore native of the same design.
They were so excited and overwhelmed with joy, the house was neat. Ray tried his best to make the house look good before his friends and their wives come around. As fate would have it his wife prepared the meal perfectly but she still had something that Rose will use against her before she will advise her.
The families enjoyed the meal prepared by Belinda, soon the men separated themselves so that the plans would begin.
Edith and Belinda who never knew about the plans spoke freely until Rose changed the topic "how have you been coping with your husbands? Any complaints or misunderstanding?" she asked absent mindedly thinking the idea will not work.
Edith is the kind of lady that don't like making her private life known to outsiders so she kept quiet but Belinda who was helpless with the way Ray has been treating her decided to speak so that her friends would help her out.
"Hmmmm! My sister it's not easy at all. The husband I married has become a beast o, I remembered at campus when he used to kneel down to apologize to me but now it's the other way round. He has totally changed " says Belinda
Edith hummed "I don't get you, what are you trying to say? " she asked
"my husband dislike me, the love he had for me had gone when I stepped into his house " she said amidst tears.
Edith shook her head in pity while Rose smiled mischievously like someone who has succeeded in a mission.
"I'll not blame your husband Belinda, the Belinda I knew then is different from the present one" she said. That was when Edith coded.
"What happened to me? " she asked looking at her body like someone filthy who couldn't find the stake.
"Belinda look at your hair for Christ sake, it's rough and you don't care about it not just that. Take a look at Edith and yourself, you look like Edith's mother and if I would not mistaken she's two months older than you right? " Belinda looked at herself
"But I'm okay now, I have to dress like a mother " she said
"No, you have to look fancy and sexy, can't you see the way your husband dress? " said Edith
"please dear don't disgrace yourself else one day another woman will snatch him from you " Rose added. The three were quiet
While the men were watching at the three ladies from the hiding place "what did you even see in this Calabar girl? " Alex started at Ray
"it's the same thing you saw in that Igbo girl " he retorted
"either Calabar or Igbo they are all meant to be married so long as they are single. All what I know is that Ray is after big buttocks" said Danny, that made all burst into laughter.
"And you, you are after beauty " Ray tried to include Danny
"Not just beauty, he likes well packaged lady and now she's turning him down " added Alex, that all laughed
"she'll not turn me down tonight, this my testicles will go after her even to her father's house " he said, this time the laughter was uncontrollable.
The women were confused about the sudden laughing discussion among their husbands. Rose tried her best to force words from Edith but she insisted she's cool with her husband.
"Danny and I are doing cool as you can see, I think he is the perfect man because he tolerate anything I do" she said.
For Belinda, all what her friends said only touched her skin. It did not sink into her brain, she believed her husband will not act in such a way with her just because of her dressing.
At 9pm they all left Raymond's house to their respective homes.
Edith and Danny discussed about what happened when they were with their friends. She laughed about the gossip of Belinda but he did not tell her about her own.
At home they both freshened up without dinner, they were both satisfied. Danny was on his plan, by will or by force she must give him one.
(Edith's Pov)
We chatted together like new lovers or should I say lovers at first sight, soon the chat was emotional. We kissed gently from gently the kiss became intense, his hands was on my body. He played with my chest while the kiss go deeper. The thought of sex crossed my mind then I stopped the kiss.
"Hope you are not trying to show me attitude? " he asked. I looked at him and shook my head as no but deep down in me I was not ready to shout or moan.
"then let's continue, I want to have you " he said.
We continued kissing but I was still scared then an idea came to my mind "I'm coming let me go and take water " I said, he agreed.
I tiptoed downstairs, the time was 10pm already I picked my car keys on the table and tiptoed to the gate, I opened the gate first before driving out.
I breathed sigh of relief "sorry I can't help. You can have yourself there" I said while driving.
I drove to my parents' house, Aminu opened the gate for me. I tapped the door bell, dad came out "Good evening dad"
"There's nothing good about this evening, hope you have not come here to pass the night "
"Yes dad I can't go back home tonight "
"Don't worry, I just spoke with your husband, he narrated everything to me so please and please I don't have accommodation for you " he said and banged the door on me.
Tears dropped down from my eyes, I never thought my dad would be this serious and mum wouldn't even show up.
I tapped the door bell several times no response, I walked to my car and drove out hopelessly.
On my way I remembered Eunice my room mate who lives closer to my parents, she's still single. I drove to her house and pleaded with her that I'll leave the next day. I told her I went for visitation and it's late so I couldn't go home late.
Few minutes later I got an international call, it was my immediate elder brother Charles who was outside the country. My dad sent him to take care of his company outside.
He's the only one who knew everything about me and he knew how to speak to me that I would listen.
He advised me to go back to my husband the next day and apologise to him. He also told me sex is not painful as I think and said I'll end up liking it. I laughed and promised him I'll do as he said.
Soon I was off to bed thinking about my father's actions, does marriage guarantee him to disowned me his only daughter?
"Hope everything went well " Alex asked his wife
"pretty good o, I pray it works out well but for Edith she's good at keeping secrets. She'd refused to tell me her problem "
"hmmmm that lady needs a good counseling "
"I think so"
He kissed her forehead
"let me prepare for dinner " she said and walked to the kitchen.
Raymond hoped and prayed his wife has listened because immediately they left, she cleared the dishes and cleaned up the house.
If she could only keep the house clean, he'll be buying the kind of clothes he wants her to be putting on.
Episode 6
(Danny's Pov)
It was a Monday and working day but I didn't feel like going to work..... All my thoughts was on my wife, her actions the previous night made fool of me.
I saw when she tiptoed to the living room to pick her car keys but I didn't want to drag with her, I gently picked my phone and called her dad who promised me she would not pass the night in his house.
She's really not mature I think or maybe she's hiding something from me but how long will she keep hiding things from me. I've always hope to be wealthy with a good wife and children who I'll live with in peace and harmony but with Edith things seems to be complicated and I can't quit the marriage I just pray she tells me the truth.
I got to work sleeping like tsetse fly patient, I didn't know what to do. Anabel noticed my dull attitude. She demanded to know what was wrong but I resisted telling her, she's nothing but a PA so her duty is to assist me in petty work.
She behaved like an evil spirit and persisted. I must tell her but I still insisted everything was fine and I just have a slight headache.
"Sir I know you'll be seeing me as a mere PA but staying in your office for weeks and knowing how friendly you are but the changes in your mood today made me feel somehow " she said but I still waved off.
Soon she was sitting on my table and facing me directly, her clothes was not well buttoned therefore her breasts were exposed outside..... Is this a temptation or trial..... ? I asked myself....
"Sir I know it's your wife although I don't know the main problem but you don't have to stress yourself over her. Marriage is not easy as people think, most people endure" she said
"I'm tired of enduring such rubbish. I need children that will call me daddy, I need a wife that will have pot tummy while I'll touch it every morning to say hi to my wonderful babies. I don't want someone that will just showcase her beauty and run to her fathers house at anytime it pleases her. " I found myself saying loudly, it really dawn on me and I'm tired of bearing the pains.
She placed her two hands on my shoulder "I know it's not easy but to show you are strong, you have to stick to her" she said, I tried to recover from my dream but I discovered it was real. My PA and I in that position.... It's pretty critical.
She stared at me for a while, I tried to look away but her lips was already close to mine. I kissed her gently like a wailing infant who just found breast milk. I kissed her deeply and slipped my hands into her short skirt caressing whatever hands touch. She began to groan making me to feel arrived soon the thought of Edith crossed my mind.
I know she hasn't been treating me the way I like but she's faithful and has sticked to our marriage vows and I know my actions will hurt her alot if she gets to know so I stopped her.
"No don't feel bad sir, it's between the both of us and nobody will know about it. Try to satisfy yourself " she said as if she was reading my mind.
"Most married men you see do have mistress. If she fuck up you fuck down, she'll end up pleading " she said
I excused myself to the bathroom, I joined her later "just go to your office, I'll get back to you " I said to her.
"OK sir, don't regret what you just did it's the best thing at this kind of time and call me whenever you need me" she said and walked away.
I was busy thinking about my wife and my PA at the same time, I need my wife because she is the wife my parents and everyone connected to me knows. Cheating on her is really bad but I'm not to be blamed.
Soon time to go home was near, I called Annabel and gave her my personal contact, I also gave her sum of money and promised to give her more if she would keep our secret.
I got home very early living the work at Annabel's control, I charged other staffs to obey whatever she ordered them.... Crazy of me but she had become my favorite.......
The house was well decorated by my beautiful wife, she was at home. She helped me to unbutton my clothes and served the dish. I never mind because that's her usual work, everything was done silently.
When I was through eating trying to go upstairs then she spoke, that was when I realized I was with human. She asked me to sit down she wanted to talk to me.
She was quiet for long while I sat down looking at her "dear, I'm so sorry over what I've made you passed through and what I've done to you yesterday. I know it's not easy" she said staring at me like guilty human.
"But why did you choose to punish me this way? You would have even done what Belinda did that one is better but you got me hard at the end of the day story. Wo, just let me be" I said and walked away but she ran after me and held my hand.
"No baby don't do this to me " she said but I turned and back at her.
"Don't baby me, you are trying to call me baba agbaya. You are calling me baby and treating me like a baby yesterday I saw when you tiptoed to the living room picked your car keys meanwhile you told your baby you wanted to go and drink water. Do you know what? I think you are the baby because you act like a baby. Let go on a vacation, you go and learn how to cope with husband while I'll go and learn how to cope with wife, that's our assignment. I can't be babying and babying like a fool. I'll never tolerate that name baby. For now you are Miss Danny, please go and learn how to become Mrs." I said and walked out leaving her crying. sexy evening gowns
Ray enjoyed Belinda for just that Sunday she resumed her dirty life the following day, he decided to be using condoms on her to avoid her bushy pubic region.
He tried his best to clean up the house daily before going to work because Belinda had totally kicked against house maid saying she had heard many stories of maid and how they have ruined marriage.
Danny promised to tell Ray about his new system with his mistress the PA trying to help his friend free from marriage problem. He thought that would be the best.
Danny tried his best to stay away from Edith sexually in other to avoid unpleasant drama.
Anabel was so glad her plans were working, she has started getting her boss. She was the unknown Pov.
? Things are getting hot don't miss the next episodes because more Wahala and secrets are yet to be unveil. Most men don't cheat willingly o
To be continued