poofy wedding dresses

There is no possible way I have enough time to get these t-shirt dresses posted tonight, so here is a sneak peak! ? I will do my best to get them posted tomorrow evening!

Also, I want to go over a few policies I have for those who may be new to The Grove or have never read the rules.

When claiming an item, comments take priority over messages, especially on high demand items. If you do message me, leave a comment too that just says “pm” or “sent message” this way you don’t get skipped.

If you claim an item, please plan on actually paying for it. I’m sure that sounds obvious, but I waste a lot of time, resources, supplies, etc. wrapping orders that are never actually picked up & it is beyond frustrating, especially for people who are repeat offenders. Generally, these people are removed from the page after a couple times of non-payment, so don’t be that person! ??‍♀️

I expect items to be paid for within a week of ordering, either cash or online payment. If you absolutely cannot pay/meet within a week, just let me know. I try to be as flexible and easy to work with as possible. I usually try to meet twice a week and am available for pickups at my house in Tyner almost every day. I also deliver to workplaces in Mckee once a week.

Shipping is $4 for one item or $7 for 2+ items. USPS shipping rates have went up but I will keep my rates at this price for as long as I can. Please let me know when you claim an item if it needs to be shipped. Usually, I’m pretty good about remembering, especially people who order frequently, but I am human & a pregnant mom of a toddler, so I tend to be forgetful & a little scattered sometimes. poofy wedding dresses

The next few weeks, I plan to stay BUSY. I have tons of AMAZING new spring items on the way & I think y’all will LOVE them! I will be working as long as I can, but Baby #2 is due to be here in May so I will most likely be off after the first of May until the fall, so plan on buying your vacation wardrobes early! ?

As always, I greatly appreciate each of you who continue to support my small business! ?