long gold color bridesmaid dress

# Define_love
Episode 16
from the last scene
Mr udoh removed his glasses and looked at me.
“johnbull who is paying for this food? ”
“sir I don’t know, but you were the one that told me to come and eat”
“what did I request for rice and stew with one meat but you requested for fried rice, salad, two chicken and coke haba do you want to wreck me? You know we will still look for a hotel to stay at anambra”
“(laughing) no sir it was a sleep of tongue”
“madam give him same thing I ordered for”
“OK oga no wahala” the woman said
The woman brought the food and we started eating silently. After 10 mins of eating Mr udoh Paid the woman, and we dashed off to the vehicle and continued our journey.
Three hours later we were at Onitsha bridge, the river was very big though its my first time of seeing the river, only on television I do see it. In no time the driver arrived at there park in onitsha. We all came down, going to the back of the vehicle to take our luggage. I looked at my wrist watch, the time was 3:06pm
“so where is the school located? ” johnbull said to mr udoh.
” well it is located at okija(a place in anambra)”
“so where is okija”
“we will board a vehicle to the place”
We went to a place where okija vehicle was situated, paid and the vehicle accelerated. Thirty minutes later we where at okija. Mr udoh paid for a room in a hotel where we were going to stay till we go back to lagos. After resting for sometimes in the hotel, I called chinedu to tell him that I had reached my destination
9pm same day
I was reading seriously against tomorrow the d-day when a call came into my phone. Looking at the caller it was kelly
(I waited a bit before I answered it)
“sweet heart how are you? ”
“am fine”
“am sorry for the other day, something came over me”
“its nothing”
” I came to your house today but I did not see where did you go to”
“hmm I traveled to write an exam”
“for your scholarship? ”
“OK when will you come back am missing you”
“hmm, on Sunday”
“OK see you then”(she hanged up)
(Is not as if I love this girl oo but I love her.)
After so much reading I slept by 1am
Saturday morning the D-day
I woke up by 7am, brushed my teeth, took my bath and was ready to go to the school. After mr udoh ordered for food, we ate and headed to our destination. Ten minutes later we were at Madonna university, we dismounted the commercial motorcycle we boarded while we entered the school. In no time we located the admin officer after which mr udoh presented the scholarship document to them. After lot of questions and answers(which included my course of study) they redirected us to the examination hall. While going to the examination hall I was scanning the school, beautiful girls were all over, expensive cars were packed in the school, some owned by student. Finally we were at the exam hall meanwhile I was given a number in the admin office, which they demanded for in the exam hall. long gold color bridesmaid dress
I was given a seat while mr udoh left the vicinity. I arranged my mathset and other writing material on the table before a man dressed in a Reverend father attire walked into the hall(the school na catholic school)
Reverend father: Good morning student, you are welcome to the first batch of Madonna university entrance examination. No form of exam malpractice is allowed, if you are caught you will be relegated from the school thank you.
He left the hall while three sisters started giving the exam script.
“you have three hours for this exam. Your time starts now” one of the sisters said.
The hall was designed with cctv camera (men I gat to respect my self no side talk)
I opened the question paper which consist of four subjects English, maths, chemistry and physics.(obj) ***********************************************
Two hours thirty six minutes later I was through with the exams(It was really cheap), I submitted and left the exam hall. I was still admiring the beauty of the school when mr udoh called my name
“johnbull! ”
(I sighted him immediately and walked to him)
“how was your exams? ”
“It was fine”
“was it hard? ”
“not really ”
He stood up from where he was sitting, and we started going back to our hotel. We arrived our hotel at exactly 12:14am while we prepared for our journey back to lagos the next day.
Twenty eight hours later I was in my compound at lagos, I did little cleaning because our(my mum is dead so the house now belongs to me) my house was dirty and dusty. After cleaning and washing I slept off ( due to my journey from anambra to lagos ). I woke up by 6pm that same day feeling very hungry and tired. I looked at my phone and saw 25 missed call 5 from chinedu, 2 from mr udoh and 18 from……..


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