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The manipulation of superficial skin pigment of the dominant, generally light-skinned, ruling classes in virtually every country also hella pertains to class dominance as it does with colorism; in almost every nation in Eastern Asia and the Middle East, light skin is touted as an immediate signifier that one is from an upper class background, (so they were never subjected to hard labor, but rather, were given the space and means to dominate over the other classes via the privileged education to cultivate and maintain intellectual elitism; also, the intermarriages between their family and white colonizers, which contributed to their current status and finances, and also gives them a leg up in claiming and fetishizing whiteness). It also comes from an immense glorification of white, Western countries, in which light skin is the closest that nonwhite, light-skinned people will get to *partially* reaping the benefits of white privilege, while opting to leave their darker-skinned counterparts in the dust. latest fashionable evening party wears
Majority white, western countries, specifically the US, have a completely opposite approach; tanning is equated to having the luxury and capital to “have a care-free life”, bask in the sun, generally on vacation, and not work (which is historically a luxury afforded to white people, but even poor white people engage in this [either knowingly or unknowingly] to pass themselves off as more respectable in the eyes of their upper-class counterparts); dark skin is seen as expendable to them as their Urban Outfitters maxi dress—a mere fashion accessory in the ever-expansive wardrobe of white supremacy—when the only exception to the glorification of dark skin is when someone is born with it.