garden outdoor wedding wears


The poetry of Nature abides in the heart of Summer Sun the mirror of sunrays. In every root and fruit , in every bud and bloom pours out a sparkling star and cattle hanging on hills afar. Fast flowing beauty golden and fair arching over valleys of flowers or maiden's care. Sumner passes by in all its splendor in saffron sunrise crimson sunset .The merriment of brooks dancing showering soft leaves on winds wet.
Fragrant fruits laden orchards in hot swings birds chirping with fledglings. Floral gardens freshly blooming with butterflies and bees hovering. Myriad melodies of nightingale and cuckoo's singing with temple bells ringing as lovers unite in wedding. Children go wild till twilight in holiday spirit intoxicated by juicy mangoes , lichies and black ripe berries. Homeward flights of birds is a sight to behold as they gather in flocks by clarion call to retreat in canopies of trees. Travellers tarry under shady banyan drinking water from the nearby stream meandering with gurgling sounds greet. Much effulgence meets the wandering eyes from morning to afternoon weary breaths stretch a siesta of endless days. The solstice slips away on golden stems of ripening harvest soon to fill the air with active fun. The water sports begun as ocean surf calls and beaches reverberate with life in all its forms. Fishing and outdoor swimming under the blue sky smiles. Sunset and seagulls wings while robin sings and nightingale replies. Sad songs that summer brings when weeping willows in ponds sigh. A Chorus of crickets from lawns and thickets out of sight and frogs croak in summer rain with all their might. Summer harps it's songs to entertain when lovers wear a happy cloak and merrily dance in silver moonlight .The magical shadows of midnight folks defeat every gloom in buttercups bloom. Poets and painters both sit under a bower on their fancy wings free to fly in summer showers. garden outdoor wedding wears
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