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People have asked for some more writing...
heres a rough draft enjoy

I’m a little late which is not normal for me but Zumba class ran over. My hair is still wet from my shower but i put a baseball cap on, Go Sox Go. Even though I showered I just put yoga pants and a tank top back on. It’s just a small coffee shop not a 5 star restaurant. Plus, it’s just my sister not Brad Pitt. I walk pass the big bay windows of the shop and I see her in our normal spot in a light blue flower print dress. Her long blonde curls cascading down her back. She waves at me as I pull open the door and rush over. She stands up to give me a hug. Her baby bump is huge. When was the last time I saw her? As I pull away from the hug I lean down and I put my hands on her belly “make sure you stay in there another 3 weeks so your aunt wins the bet.” We take our seats and I must have been later then I thought because she ordered my favorite tea and it’s cold. She is just sipping on water. She doesn’t believe caffeine free is really free and thinks one drop could hurt the baby. She has been happily married for 8 years to the love her life she met when we were 10. They were best friends since the day his family moved down the street. The first time they met, he was riding his bike down the street with his brothers and my sister and i were outside, they stopped to talk. My sister stole this bike. They have been inseparable ever since. Love for me has not always been as easy. I have trust issues, insecurities and think i may just be better to be alone. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve had some serious boy friends, it’s just not worth it. I just got out of a 3-year relationship, a couple months ago. She has really been pushing me on the online dating. Just because she is happy, with has an amazing husband that has given her the world, two beautiful little boys and a little one on the way she thinks I need a man too. She doesn’t know what it’s like in the dating world anymore. I start with asking about the baby and the family and she ignores me and dives right into it. People think I’m the blunt twin. Even though she’s 3 minutes older she acts like she is 10 years older or even my mother. It’s always if you need to comforted go to her but if you want reassurance of a bad decision come to me. She pretends I didn’t ask anything and blurts out “How’s online dating going? You went on three dates? You haven’t talked to shit head have you?” crop top mermaid formal dresses
“Oh..ok…no small talk,that’s fine. So I went out with the teacher and I thought it was went really well then the next day I sent him a text and nothing. So he’s ghosting me.”
She looks confused.
“When he’s not interested in you so instead of growing a pair they just ignore you, block you, pretend you never existed?”
She looks mortified like someone murdered her family.
“That’s a thing? Why would someone do that? That sounds so rude! So childish. Have you done that?”

“I don’t consider it ghosting if I haven’t met them face to face. I ghosted one guy who seemed pretty cool at first but then turned creepy. He just kinda annoyed me more then anything. He kept saying meow instead of now! I don’t care if that’s in super troopers or not. That’s annoying for a 30 year old. So anyways, I went out with chief. I really liked him. He was funny, his humor is kinda like mine so I thought that was good. We talked for 2 hours over dinner. We closed down the restaurant.”
I know how she thinks, and that she thinks we’re in love. She is already planning our wedding and baby shower, I don’t know if I have the will to tell her what happened next. But I pull up his picture and slide my over in her indirection.
“Oh, he’s not your normal type but after shit head it may be a good change of pace for you. Are you going to go out with him again? What about the city guy? Are you still talking to him? What about the cute guy at work? Have you talked to Adam? What’s he doing these days? Sorry I can’t remember pregnancy brain is a real thing you know!”
I sip on my tea and decided to break her heart and tell her what happened “well he walked me to my car and went in for the kiss. He chocked me.”
Guess I should have waited til she wasn’t drinking because she spat water everywhere. She started to laugh but then was kinda of concerned.
“He what? What do you mean he chocked me.”
“Well just like I said he leaned in to kiss me, when his lips hit mine, he moved his hand to my throat. I mean, we know I’m into rough sex but damn. You are going to choke me on a first kiss, on a first date? So that was a no go. I just told him I wasn’t into that. The city guy I liked but he wasn’t over his ex, which he could have told me before we were 4 dates and I started falling for him but hey we’re decent friends. Had a good heart to heart about his ex. And the cute guy at work has a girlfriend. Plus I work with him.”
I could tell she was just as shocked about my story as I was that it even happened.
“Oh eww! How long has cute work guy had that problem?”
I roll my eyes, “Rude! She’s actually really cute I’ve met her before. He’s just not my type.”

“What about Adam?”

I could feel my cheeks growing red just at the sound of his name. I lift my tea cup up to my mouth to hide my smirk.