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ADULT daughters... How well do you know your MOM?
Copy, paste, and fill-in the blanks.

Here's my mom: Sonya Gonzalez

1. She is sitting in front of the TV, what is she watching? Svu

2. Usually, what dressing does she eat on her salad? Ranch

3. Name something she hates? When to many things are going on at one time Lol

4. What does she like to drink? Coke

5. Favorite music to listen to? Old music

6. What is her nickname for you? Lizz

7. What is something she collects? Elephants

8. What would she eat every day if she could? Tacos Lol ?

9. What is her favorite color? Dark colors

10. What would she never wear? My momma fine so she wears anything ? ? ?

11. What is her favorite sports team? She doesn't really do sports but COWBOYS !

12. What is something that you don't do that she wishes you did? Umm idkk tell me so I can do it Loo country dresses for a wedding in western style

13. You bake her a cake. What kind do you make her? I don't think she likes cake right mom ?

14. Favorite animal? Dogs

15. What could she spend all day doing? Laying down being lazy

16. Who is her favorite child? ME DUhHh.

17. What's her favorite sweet? Chocolate candy

18. How many brothers & sisters does she have? 3 sisters one brother

19. Favorite alcoholic drink? Ol E ? ? ? ? ?

20. You're in jail & you call her, what does she say?
What did you do now I'm on the way