black long formal gowns with sleeve

I have been planning and talking about our Valentine's Day Tea at Matthews with three special guests: Cinderella, Belle, and Ariel. My first time accompanying Princesses! The Valentine's Day Tea was a hit with the residents! Even as the residents came for supper they were still talking about their dresses, voices, and how beautiful they were. One resident said, "You could not have asked for better entertainment!" Paper circles that Shirley Utschig Michalkiewicz donated to Matthews "a long time ago" (Shirley's words) were used so the residents could collect the autographs of each princess. They decorated the circles prior to the princesses' arrival using stickers from the Dollar Tree: conversation hearts and "Princess items" like a castle, glass slipper, purse, and handheld mirror. Even residents who do not participate in crafting left with a decorated autograph circle because Matthews is a Community and other residents helped or encouraged them to participate. One resident used a fork to punch out little circles from the carriage--I said it was a new tool for me to use in the future! Each resident went home with a tea cup and saucer; thank you, Dion and black long formal gowns with sleeve Kathy Hritz Rasmussen , for making this possible and for the shopping you did! Thank you, Dana Brockman , for helping with the day! Thank you, Shirley, for your on-going support of the Matthews community! Crystal Lynn , please tell Cinderella, Belle, and Ariel thank you for coming and giving us a very special, unforgettable afternoon! I like the idea of lemonade on the porch! Did you know that is where you will most often find the residents when the weather turns warm?!