ball gown lace bridal dress

There is a pageant on Feb 17 for valentines. Any one from any county is able to be in it. it will be at the Gallatin High school. Go to their page for more info!!!

Pageant Guidelines and Information

• Dress is valentines outfit of choice themewear ONLY this year. Anything that is casual or costumy as long as it is not a formal long dress. a party dress or cocktail is ok but judges are looking for the valentines theme...simply wearing a red cocktail may not be what the judges consider themed. ball gown lace bridal dress

• Light makeup for children 8 and under, natural (NO GLITZ) makeup 9 and over


PLEASE COME AS READY AS POSSIBLE. We may not have a dressing room this year other than small bathroom. I will announce available space as soon as possible on facebook or through email.

INTRO WILL BE IN THE THEMEWEAR- INCLUDE: NAME, AGE, WHAT YOU LOVE MOST….. for baby princess and toddler princess the parents will say the intro.


8:30 AM -Doors open

10:00 AM Pageant Begins

___ Baby Princess: 0-12 months

___ Baby Prince: 0-12 months

___ Toddler Princess: 1-2 years

___ Toddler Prince :1-2 years

___ Tiny Miss: 3-4 years

___ Tiny Master:3-4 years

___ Petite Miss: 5-7 years

___ Petite Master: 5-7 years

___ Young Miss : 8-9 years

___ Jr Mister: 8-11 years

_ __ Preteen Miss: 10-12 years

___ Teen Miss: 13-15 years

___ Miss: 16-18 years

___Collegiate Miss: 19-25 years

___ Ms: 25+

___ Mrs: 25+

___Modern Woman: 18 and up size 12 and up

_Elite Woman over 40

_special needs division (no charge)

_distinguished man 10.00 all ages above 12 and you wear anything red or pink

FEB 17 6th Annual Community Sweethearts Pageant for GC Schools Resource Sat 8 AM EST · Gallatin County High School (Kentucky) · Warsaw, KY 84 people interested