JuneBridals wedding gowns for second marriage

Whether # Copied or not, this is just a lovely advice dear Madam Benandett Mwangi . # Adorable

Benandett Mwangi 5 hrs ยท

We need to teach our daughters that, there are four (4) main dresses a
woman should wear in her lifetime.
These are:
1. School uniform
2. Graduation gown
3. Wedding gown
4. Maternity dress
Let our daughters know this too;
That if any girl skips the first dress, she will not get to wear the
second one.
Our daughters must not rush to wear the fourth dress just because a man has promised them the third... JuneBridals wedding gowns for second marriage
...More so, the third one fits better and more prestigious if worn before the fourth dress. # copied #