June Bridals short length wedding gown

A poem of an Eternal Love

She fell in love with him and gave her heart,

He left her disappointed and tore her apart,


A part of her was with him though he disappeared,

She moved on with his memories till he reappeared,

He told her that he loved her but only had a few days left to live,

He told her he was sorry but he had nothing left to give,

She looked into his eyes and asked him not to worry,

They still had some time left so there was nothing to be sorry,

They held hands while the sun rose in the morning,

His heart suddenly stopped beating without any warning,

The moments they spent together that day were all that was left of him,

They took his body but his soul remained with her even when the lights were dim, June Bridals short length wedding gown

Some people get to spend a lifetime with their love,

While she spent a lifetime in a day that she lived with her love,

He took a piece of her heart and left her once again to never reappear,

Yet she was happy to have lived a day holding his hand and having him near,

Some lovestories seem sad as they don’t end well,

Yet the lovers who suffered pain also have a story to tell.

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