June Bridals latest spring wedding collections

One of my favorite memories of my Daddy will forever be etched in my mind. I see now how it completely sums up the life he always strived to live. He was a railroad engineer, so he was gone too many nights in a row often. But he carried what they called a grip, a leather satchel with all of his logs, etc in it. As he'd get home, I'd hear the whistle and get on my bike in the daytime or wait at my bedroom window in the dark, for him to pull in to the carport. In he would come, grip in his hand, and hug me tight and open his grip for my gift. He never forgot to bring me something special on each run........ June Bridals latest spring wedding collections <3

I was 6 or 7, playing w. my Barbie dreamhouse in my bedroom once when he came home. Into my bedroom he walked, and sat w/ me. He saw Barbie and Ken in one bed...........he asked me why Ken was in bed with Barbie. I said because they were sleepy. He said, "but they did not get married yet?" "well, until they get married, Ken must sleep down here on the couch, OK>" I said OK.

The next trip out on the train, he came home and opened his grip as usual. On top, in those traditional pink Barbie clothes boxes was a wedding dress set for Barbie and then a tuxedo set for Ken. The whole works, garter, bouguet. He grinned and said, now lets plan a wedding, OK? Then they can sleep in the same bed" And I did.

I got it later, years later. I thanked him for doing that about a year before he passed. He just smiled and said "well, Jeana Sue, you and Barbie were best friends. We needed to do right by her" and he smiled. Sure did love that man. He was the gentle coolest. <3