1920s vintage inspired garment for cocktail party

After finishing opening talks, '4 Best Photos of My Life' section followed.

1st photo was the one when Sooyoung did Into The New World.

I had to pick this photo first, because that was my turning point."

"Actually, I had a chance to debut when I was a 3rd year trainee, as a member of the group with 3 girls. I was even a center when we took photos! I was like, 'Yeah, now I can become Eugene!'" (fans laughed)

"But I was sent to Japan after that. When I was in Japan, one of the group members went through a stormy period, and the talk of debuting as 3 member girls group was all but gone."

1. Sooyoung continued, "When I came back from Japan, I was one of the expiring trainees. Company was wondering what to do with me and others, and they gave us such a lazy name 'Team Girls'.

2. "I can say it now, but to be honest, I don't think we were considered as hot prospects at that time. But there was a manager oppa who believed in us."

1. "So we prepared and practiced ITNW for a year. Problem you face when preparing one thing for such a long period is, you don't feel the actual stage actual. It feels like one of those practices."

2. "So I couldn't realize the magnitude of my actions and my words properly. I think it led me to make some mistakes. It took quite a long time for me to fully understand that I became a person who others watch every single movement."

MC, "What would you like to do if you go back to your high school years?"

Sooyoung, "Well, I think I did everything I wanted to do at that time." (fans laughed) # SNSD

Sooyoung, "Uh, maybe this. I regret not having any high school sweetheart. I think I should've asked snack bar oppa out."

MC, "Did he work at snack bar in your school?"

"No, I was talking about my senior who was a year older. I always saw him at snack bar."

2nd photo was the one when Sooyoung took at the after show party for 'My Spring Days'.

"I picked this photo because of the wine actor Kam Woosung gave me. That wine was 1990 vintage, which is the same birth year with me."

"When I was first cast, I was quite down because it was my first role as a main actress and (was criticized a lot). But Kam sunbaenim knew how I felt. He told me we are all same in front of the cameras."

"He said he will think of me as a peer actress, not a singer. And he wanted me to feel comfortable. He also said if all goes well, then he will buy me a fine wine with the same birth year with me. I cried."

"This drama (My Spring Days) is the one I was hoping not to end until the end. It still makes me emotional."

MC, "I remember watching the drama, wondering, 'How can she act out a crying scene so well?' Is there any know-how you can share with us?"

"For My Spring Days, I didn't need any act because I teared up naturally. Actually, director wanted us to not cry too much."

"But sometimes there's a scene I can't understand enough to empathize. Still, I have to do a cry scene. In that case, I open up my eyes wide. Couple seconds later, my eyes start to ache, and tears come out. Then I lean my head to the side a bit, to make it flow." 1920s vintage inspired garment for cocktail party

"But I didn't feel too good about myself after that. It was one or two moments I had to squeeze out tears."

MC, "Is there any role you'd want in the future?"

(fans shouted 'daughter of a rich family')

Sooyoung (jokingly), "That's what I'm talking about. I had to wear dark outfits all the time, I couldn't even put on some accessories. That's why I dressed up like this today."

"Recently I watched 'Secret Forest' and attorney looks like an attractive role to me as well."
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